ORT Argentina project proposes the use of distributed tablet-PC based classroom interaction system, to empower the teaching and learning of the circuits and electric installations design process.


The project is set in these five stages:

Stage 1 (October 2007 - February 2008): The teacher staff was trained both in the use of TabletPC and its basic applications. They have developed classroom experiences, where they could put into practice what they had learnt. These experiences were useful to select the most appropriate software of distributed interaction. 
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Stage 2 (March - June, 2008 ): Design of classroom activities to be used during the third stage in the electric circuits course. The activities will be designed in order to achieve the objectives settled for the project. At the same time, we’ll continue with pilot classroom experiences by taking advantage of what was investigated in stage 1.
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Stage 3 (July - November, 2008): First experiences of the “Electric Systems courses” will be carried out (26 courses). The results will be registered by taking into account item 4. See more

Stage 4 (December 2008 -  April 2009): the experiences will be evaluated and adjustments will be made. Reports with the achievements will be produced and presented to the rest of the institution, members of the educational community and to other institutions. 
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Stage 5 (May - November, 2009): Training on relevant aspects and news on these technologies that appeared during the last. Classroom experiences will be carried out at the electric systems courses by incorporating improvements detected in the evaluation process. (26 courses).
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