1.1 Let´s start working on some vocabulary you need to know to describe yourself or your colleagues, your work and its environment. Look at the cloud below. Do you know what all the words in it mean? Check orally with a friend or your teacher. Then,  make a chart on a separate sheet of paper and write the words in the right column(s): Job/Work, Working Enviornment and People

1.2 Can you explain the difference between the following?

a) A professional and a freelancer
b) A salary and commission
c) Teamwork and collaboration
d) C
ontribution and achievement
e) Recognition for your work and reward for your work
f) A challenge and a problem
g) Authority and independence
h) Responsibility and promotion

1.3 What's important in a job? Ranking activity.

Number the following issues in order of how important you think they are, with number 1 as the most important. You can add others if they are important to you.

a high salary

a pleasant working environment

regular challenges


recognition for my achievements

the chance to travel

job satisfaction

promotion opportunities


power and authority


DISCUSSION: Tell your partner what the right order is for you and give reasons; try to persuade them that yours is the best order.

1.4  Match the skills/qualities in 1.1 to the jobs below. You can use the jobs suggested or your own ideas. Finally, with a partner, discuss your answers.  

2. Wordsearch  competition: Work in pairs or groups. Read the definitions below your word square. Do you know the words they describe? Search for them and write them next to each definition. The first team or student who finds all the answers will be the winner. 



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