In this part of the unit we are going to begin working on the process of applying for a job.

When you look at an ad, you usually find information about the type of job it is, the requirements to apply and what they offer. Some words may be shortened or abbreviated. 


Abbreviation: a shortened form of a word or a phrase. It usually consists of a letter or a group of letters taken from the word or phrase (Corp., Prof, etc.)

Acronym: a type of abbreviation, which consists of the first letters of the words in a phrase (ASAP: as soon as possible)

Look at some usual abbreviations and acronyms related to work!

VAT – Value Added Tax ASAP – as soon as possible
Ltd. – Limited Company ATM – automated teller machine
Pic. – Public Ref. no – reference number
E.g – for example - thousand
A.M – before noon P.A – per annum
P.M – after noon Pro rata – in proportion
I.e – (Id) that is P/w – per week
Corp. – Corporation Neg. – negociated
CEO – Chief Executive Officer Inc. – included
FYI – for your information T.B.A – to be arranged
S.A.E – salary according to experience




Group project

Enter this link:

Analyse the ads and see the different abbreviations and acronyms --> look up the meanings of each of them.

Choose an area that may fit "your" qualifications in the Job Search section of The Guardian. And  now  choose one job.

Remember to save the advert you have chosen!

Re read your cover letter from stage 3

What information would you change? Make any necessary corrections to fit in your chosen job´s requirements




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